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Well the next branch is the most up to date on the snapshots page for nvda.

I've wound my 10 machine back at the moment due to problems with it removing the Outlook Express hacked version. The thing is is there any way in the update where you can tell 10 to not remove software it does not like and if it fails to work afterwards you can take it out yourself. I have a feeling this tendency to remove without asking has corrupted the registry which is why all the other issues have occured.
I don't want to have to clean install it, if it gives problems I'll stay on the old build, so I did wonder if I leave it will windows updates over time effectively make it into this version without deleting stuff. I've rea Microsofts mutterings and I'm none the wiser at all.
Seems to me that there could be any number of new builds over time resulting in many different versions of windows 10 with a lot of different issues with screenreaders depending on the version core in use.
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Hi list just installed the anniversary update yesterday. have no problems with live mail. it doesn't seem to read the edge browser right like blind bargains had suggested, but that might be because NVDA and or jaws must be updated first. today someone on this list told me during a game chat on out of sight that there is a developers update to NVDA since no update has come up when I hit check for updates I'm guessin g that any update is forthcoming. haven't scanned with defendor yet but so far update works fine.

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