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Ramesh Patil

Thanks brian and Josep,

Josep sir what is best website source to learn python 3.


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Brian gave you the subscription info for at least one development list. My advice is:

Before you learn NVDA add-on development, learn Python 3 first. You need to have a solid grasp of at least intermediate Python features before you can say you are ready to write NVDA add-ons. Concepts you need to learn include classes, modules, functions, imports, and class attribute access/modification.




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Hi guys,

I am interested in study development of NVDA  addons.

I have basic knowledge of Java programming. I know for NVDA development I need knowledge of python programming

It is possible to learn python online?
I have read nvda addon development guide little bit. Anyone can send link for all essential softwares for download directly.

Another help, any one beginner/professional in python or nvda addon development is available in this group? So that i can contact him personally for my help.

Thanks in advance


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