Re: Possible bug found

Chris Mullins

Hi Roger

It sounds like you have the Ease of Access setting called “Toggle keys” switched on.  This causes Caps lock, Num lock and Scroll lock to emit a high pitched beep when pressed.  It has no effect on the functionality of NVDA at all and is just to reassure the user that they have pressed one of the keys named previously.





From: Roger Stewart
Sent: 22 March 2020 20:48
To: NVDA List
Subject: [nvda] Possible bug found


I may have found a minor bug in latest NVDA.  I have the extended insert

key (also known as the insert key on the "six pack" keys set as the nvda

modifier key.  At first, I had thought it had gotten unset or something

as when I press this key, I get no beep while I do get the beep when I

press caps lock.  However, the key is working as the NVDA modifier key

correctly.  Is this normal to have a beep for caps lock as the nvda

modifier but no beep for the extended insert key?  I had thought both

keys would beep for a single press to let you know it is the nvda key

but they will do their normal functions if pressed twice quickly.  If

there isn't supposed to be the beep on the extended insert key, then

this is normal but I just wanted to ask about this as I'm pretty sure I

have heard a beep for that key in earlier versions of nvda.









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