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David Griffith

As far as I am aware he has already done this but the addon needs posting.

I’ll check back to see what he said in his last email to me, however from memory it is either about to be posted or is imminent.


David Griffith

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Do you know if he is going to update the speech hub add on? so it works with nvda 2019.3


When I tried it  the last version was nvda 2019.2.1 I think it was I would have to check.


Gene nz


On 23/03/2020 8:01 am, David Griffith wrote:

Speak On supports Daisy through its Audio Books app but I don’t know about XML 5 but if somebody sent me a sample I could try it and see.

Speak On is self-voicing  much like Kurzweil so you would not use a Screenreader with it as it is controlled  just as if you were using a screenreader.


Isaac told me that he has updated the NVDA and Speech Player addons to be compatible with the latest version of NVDA but I don’t think they have been published yet.

As I understand it  the NVDA addon simply mutes NVDA whilst Speak On is in Focus


David Griffith



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David, the NFB content is Daisy, which xml files.

Can my screen reader be used in this program?

At 12:10 PM 3/22/2020, David Griffith, wrote:

Speak On was developed in the UK so the only direct connections it has to download is content from the RNIB eText and Audio Newsagent service and it also connects directly to TuneIn Radio if you have an  account with them.
However it does have a “Virtual Reader†function which interacts with the automatic eText digital content  generated by for Newspapers and Magazines in the UK which makes for a more pleasant reading experience.
If Newsline produces material in ePub2 format then it may be worth importing the content into Speak On and try reading it with the RNIB eText Newsagent app anyway to see if this provides a good experience.
If you wanted to do this you would need to first of all add the RNIB eText app from the add plugins section of the Tools menu and then place your Newsline content, assuming it is epPub2  into  the Current Reading directory under the RNIB etect directory under My Speak On media folder.
Of course you can also read the ePub also using Speak On’s eBook function – oone of the worst decisions Isaac took was to name this app Text Publications which disguises it utility as an eBook reader.
David Griffith
So it cannot, as far as I am aware connect
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From: john s
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Q Read alternative
David, does  speak on handle NFB Newsline content?

Also, can the program use my screen reader?

At 09:56 AM 3/22/2020, David Griffith, wrote:


My actual Podcasts on Speak On are being distributed by Talking Computers on a monthly basis and will appear on the Speak On website a month later but you can find all the recordings below on SendSpace links which will hopefully not be an issue. If there is an issue then I will try and put them also on Open  drive.


The main Speak On app is being continuously maintained by Isaac the Program developer though he has no intentions to do major revisions of the app.


The series is not complete as there will be further Podcasts on the RNIB Daisy magazine Service, using the Podcasts app and the Music app to follow.

I actually intend to replace and re-record the eBook Podcasts as half - way through the volume increases which is a little distracting.


Speak On Resources

You can download Speak On media Suite from



Speak On Media Podcast


01 Introduction Speak on Media Suite.mp3

This Podcast covers setting up Speak On Media, changing the default synthesiser to a more friendly voice and introduces you to the range of apps available

by default, and then the further apps available through additional optional plugins.


02 Getting an Audio Books into Speak On Media Suite.mp3


This Podcast describes how shortcuts and the send to menu in File Explorer can be utilised to make it much easier to import books and other content into

Speak On Media.


03 Playing Daisy and Audio Books in Speak On.mp3

This Podcast covers loading and reading of Daisy and Audio Books. It explains Speak On navigation options, bookmarking, and varying the speed and volume

of playback. It also introduces Speak On’s context sensitive help feature.



04 Reading eBooks on Speak On

This covers.

-Loading an eBook into the Speak On Directory through the Send To Menu.

-changing the Reading Voice.

- Navigation levels available in the eBook.

- Managing Bookmarks and getting book size information.

-Tabbing through the Player Bookmark list and Library view.

- Adjusting the speed and volume of book playback on the fly.

- Copying and pasting text from an eBook into Notepad.

- Saving Sections of the book as text files.

- Creating a "virtual eBook" based upon a search term.



05 Speak On and Internet Radio

This Podcast covers

- Using a free or paid Tunein account to access Radio in Speak On.

- Using the optional VI Radio app.

- Importing Radio Streams into the Other Media app to create a 3rd Customised Internet Radio app.



Link to a Radio Streams folder to import into Speak On.



06 Using Speak On and the RNIB Reading Service.


This Podcasts covers downloading a daisy Book from the new RNIB Reading Service and playing it in Speak On.



07 Speak On and the RNIB Newsagent Service Part 1 - Newspapers.


This Podcasts covers.

1. Advantages of using Speak On to easily access the eText Newspaper service, including its Virtual Reader function to streamline reading.

Installing the task and logging into the eText service.

Loading of Newspapers, navigation and adjustment of speed and volume of playback.

Setting up favourite papers.

Bookmarking and extracting articles into text files.



08 Speak On and the RNIB magazine Service


As unfortunately the RNIB have broken links to some of the Magazines and not updated information to Speak ON, there is a need in some cases to download

and import Magazines manually . This Podcasts describes this workaround and explains why you would still want to use Speak On to read your magazines in

this use case.






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Subject: Re: [nvda] Q Read alternative


It is  not a media player rather than a book reader but both and a lot lot more.


I will send a list of my Podcasts on it in a minute,


David Griffith


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Subject: Re: [nvda] Q Read alternative


The only thing I could find about speak on is the below website? The last update was 2016. Is there a newer version I'm missing? It seems like it's a media player rather than a book reader so if anybody has an updated link, put it in the thread.






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