Major Bug With Acapella TTS 1.6

Jesse Farquharson

Hello folks. I'm not sure if anyone from Acapella TTS is in this list. I would assume not, but I thought I'd put this here anyway and see what comes of it, as well as e-mailing the devs of the synth.

So far... my experience with this version has not been very smooth. It's painfully slow to load, and seems to stop reading text at random when using the say all key command.

Now, there is, so far, one instance I have seen where Acapella TTS will absolutely refuse to read, no matter what, say all mode or no.

If I were to randomly insert =/\= in this line, Acapella TTS would absolutely refuse to read past it. It will not crash, it just won't read anything on the line with =/\= in it, in say all mode or otherwise.

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