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john s

Wouldn't it be more accurate to say, podcast player rather than reader?

At 08:21 PM 3/22/2020, David Griffith, wrote:
The default on install is eSpeak, like old style NVDA Â Â which I find personally a little unfriendly but it can be changed to any English Sapi 5 voice.
In the demos I show changing from eSpeak to Hazel which is the default  Sapi 5 in Windows 10in the UK ,   which I think instantly transform the impression of the app,  then Ivona Brian, a voice I purchased, and an ancient version of ScanSoft Daniel.
It also works with the voices provided with Speech Hub.
It does not support any of the One Core Voices.
David Griffith
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Especially for those on Windows10, what voice does the program use? Core1? Because the English Sapi5 on Windows10 sounds terrible!
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I am a little embarrassed to say this after extolling its ability as an eBook reader but Speak On is also a very good Podcast reader as far as I am concerned. It has 4 main Podcast functions.
1. Stream or download any Podcast  / downloadable radio show available from TuneIn Radio.
2. The main Podcast App also has  library of categorised Podcasts to search through.
3. there is a specialist  separate Podcast app which can be downloaded via the tools and plugins menu which covers exclusively Podcasts concentrating on VI Issues.
4. You can also of course import normal OPML files to import or export your lists of Podcasts as in any other Podcast reader.
Of course all the functionality of navigation and playback available to Audio Books is available through the Podcasts app including bookmarking, speeding up narration etc.
The main difference compared to other Podcast Readers is that you navigate through all the Podcast episodes via the player window rather than the media library.
So if you load the In Touch Podcast pressing the down arrow with the media granularity set will jump you through the episodes  available in a Podcast feed.
I have not as yet done a Podcast demonstrating  Speak On and Podcasts but this will be done over the next few weeks during the lock down.
David Griffith
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Subject: [nvda] PodCast Reader
Is there a program works well with NVDA 20193.1 and Windows 10?


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