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hi brian.
thanks for your reply.
i wished to contact nvda developers directly.
i subscribed to github in previous years, and sent tens of comments
and suggestions, and said my views about some of the reported issues.
but i wish to find a solution to contact nvda developers directly,
which i did not find!
and from one of the developers, which i contacted him directly,
unfortunately did not recieve a reply!

even if i use newer versions, i cant use newer versions of nvda for
several reasons.
one of the reasons is lack of american english US with my native
language (persian), which is removed in nvda 2017.4 and later!
i needed two or three fixes in newer versions only.
unless if someone send me a workaround.

thanks for your help, God bless you!

On 3/22/20, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

I gave the direct link to the nvda-devel home page on in my last
message. Those pages (for any given group) always include the Group Email
Addresses section with the pertinent subscribe, unsubscribe, etc.,

Also, if you look at the group description in my prior message, and take a
look at the more detailed one on the actual group page, it is made
abundantly clear that this group is not meant for end-user support or
suggestions. In fact, the main page description ends with, "Please note
this is not a general user support list."

I created a tutorial last month: Creating a Github Account (
) , which I'd suggest you, or anyone interested with direct communication
with the NVDA team, have a look at. It is my intention to create additional
tutorials as individuals wish to do specific things under GitHub.

By the way, I have seen no indication from you that you have finally moved
on from Windows XP. If that is the case you really cannot use any currently
supported version of NVDA and any feature changes will remain unavailable to
you until you move to Windows 8 (which I do not recommend) or Windows 10.


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