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I wanted to see what people's experience has been using NVDA with Adobe connect for webinars. The Association on higher education and disability uses Adobe connect, as well as various government agencies, and there is lots of wonderful material about the accessibility of Adobe connect. Yet when I try to install it, I find that I can't even interact with the controls using Windows 10 and NVDA. I get similar results when using voiceover and iOS. There was a short while a year ago when I found that I was able to go to a webinar using Adobe connect by memorizing the badly labeled or non-labeled buttons, but when I tried more recently to get onto a webinar as a panelist, I found that the buttons were not even visible anymore.

Has anyone had a different result and do have any thoughts about why it's not working for me? I'm in the process of asking partner organizations of the place where I work to use different webinar platforms like zoom or go to webinar and I wanted to be more informed, since all of the material online seems to contradict my advice.

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