Re: Can't install NVDA 2020 beta I

Quentin Christensen

Others have installed it, so I think the file available from should be ok, but maybe it didn't download properly?

If it's running though (as in it started up without an error about a corrupt file etc) how far is it getting ? Did it play the intro music, show the license agreement, let you start installing it?

If you are installing it and have go to the point where it's installing but doesn't seem to finish, have you acknowledged the UAC dialog - the Windows dialog which warns you the program is about to make changes to your computer (the one you get any time you install anything) - occasionally that pops up behind every other window rather than in front of them, but if you don't acknowledge it, you can't install the program.

Are you running any third party anti-virus program (not Windows defender)?  If so, try disabling it while installing NVDA and then reenabling it.

Failing all that, if you look in the %temp% folder, there should be an nvda.log file (for the currently running, or most recently running copy of NVDA) and an nvda-old.log file (for the instance before that).  If you could send me whichever one of those was written for the install attempt, I can see if there's anything else there.



On Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 5:01 AM Lino Morales <linomorales001@...> wrote:

Hi all. Can’t install NVDA 2020 beta I. Just beeps away. Running WIN 10 current Insider build. I don’t know if this a bad file that was uploaded or not.



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