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Daniel Damacena

Could you send me a link for this?

I am amazed by your description!

Can it read pdf files?

Thank you!

Em 21/03/2020 22:38, David Griffith escreveu:


I know I am biased because I have done a podcast series on this fantastic app but for me the best accessible ePub Book    reader on a  PC , either paid, or free , remains by a  country mile remains the free Speak On Media Suite.

I am continually amazed it is never ever mentioned as an accessible option for reading ePub books.


Just to mention a few of its features.


Customisation of book reading voice including on the fly adjustment of reading volume and speed  of narration whilst reading a book through hotkeys. I know of no other book reader which does this.

Able to easily navigate through a book by chapter structure ,  headings, 50 lines, paragraph, sentence line word or character.

Ability to easily set markers in text of ePub books and copy and paste this text out of Speak On into a Word Processor.

Alternatively control a and control c will copy the chapter as text.

Ability to get single key press on book location and information.

Ability to resume reading from last position read on any book even if file location has changed.

Bookmark management  - ability to set and delete bookmarks.

It even has a virtual book creation function based on a search term which is incredibly  useful for study purposes.

Suppose you have a long academic book you need to search through to study a topic, you can in Speak On define a search term and Speak On will produce a smaller "virtual eBook” which will consists only of the chapters which contain the key phrase or terms in your defined search pattern. Again I know of no other accessible eBook reader which contains this feature.

David Griffith



Just to mention just a few of the features.


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Another option is to install Thorium Reader from the Microsoft Store. It supports EPUB books. Bookshare can be set so that it provides downloads in EPUB format.


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I wanted to share an open source Q Read alternative called Bookworm. It does not have bookshare support yet, nor does it support links, and headings, or tables, but still. It's a free option. The main website is below, where you can also read the manual.

I'm adding this to the accessible apps github page when I have a moment.


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