Re: Curiosity questing


Well you sort of can do that via your windows store app but you'd probably have a sandboxed environment within your brouser.

So lets break it down a bit.

You would have web access in your chromium based brouser.

You wouldn't be able to access uac screens or some windows functions, in fact I have tried nvda portable on my windows 10 system.

I found it crappy and useless.

If all you need is a website read then yeah it may just work.

If you need to brouse files on your computer, yes it will work.

If you need to search the start menu or run programs from that then I think thats one of the features that are not going to work at all unless nvda is installed but it may work.

Even if that is still the case you would be limited to desktop apps, no universal ones.

That would include windows settings.

You wouldn't have any addons and such.

So, hmmm nvda at extremely reduced function.

Narator could fill that role nicely.

For nvda to work properly it needs to be installed.

Now I guess if you used windows 7 or xp then yeah I guess that would work.

On 24/03/2020 10:57 pm, Robert Doc Wright godfearer wrote:
Has anyone investigated whether it is possible to run the NVDA portable version from a web site? I was thinking about what System Access did and wondered if it were possible. If it is then we could have access to speech anywhere we went.
If we don't take time to think before we speak we may find ourselves in a situation where our speech becomes a bit stinky!

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