Re: Q Read alternative


I'm still using it, and have the latest version, because I don't use speech. With braille it works very well, but it's true that it's been more or less abandoned.

Piry, really

On 22/03/2020 03:13, Jackie wrote:
I really do wish there were an alternative to QRead. I bought it at
version 3.11. The 3.21 version is now messed up so badly that it's
basically unusable, ie, the speech will not start from the last
position anymore. So I downgraded & every 2 hours I get nagged about
whether I want to update, which, obviously, h e hockeystick x 2 no, I
don't. I have tried to contact the authors about the problem w/o
success, so definitively QRead is not a program I can recommend
anymore. Would it were otherwise, because it used to be really good &
filled a large gap in terms of reading solutions, & I did indeed
recommend it highly back in the 3.11 era, as I considered $30 a really
reasonable price tag for what the program does. I just tried
contacting the developers again--guess we'll see how that goes. The
msg did go through this time so that may (or may not) be a promising
development. Perhaps the shadow still knows as regards that. The truth
is they probly weren't making enough money to make it worth their
while, & I can understand that, & I understand as well they've been
putting effort into NVDA Remote, but gosh, when an update seriously
breaks something in a program, it would be nice if that situation
could at least be remedied.

On 3/21/20, Robert Kingett <> wrote:
The only thing I could find about speak on is the below website? The last
update was 2016. Is there a newer version I'm missing? It seems like it's a
media player rather than a book reader so if anybody has an updated link,
put it in the thread.

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