Re: Free JAWS licence that was anounced today


Well tony its worth noting that the only reason nvda is this good is because of its strong web engine and such.

A lot of modern software use a web component and most of that is chromium based.

I have some older software nvda will not work with.

Granted thats not that many bits of software but I do have access to another reader, that I was able to get for nothing by becoming a betatester, and no its not jaws.

People are leary about opensource software in general, security is their argument but everyone likes support packages, comercial support lines and the like.

For myself, my job is mostly online.

I am a frequent web user, using chromium based apps like waterfox, chrome, thunderbird and edge chromium.

Nvda just works out the box.

If there is a problem addons and scripts can easily be written and sometimes people release stuff they thought of and we can see what it does.

In jaws everything needs to be scripted otherwise it doesn't work, just like in windows 98 where everything needs a driver so it will run.

And while like everything there are default scripts for things, in jaws when I used it if it didn't have a script then it wouldn't run at all.

That may have changed since jaws 6 but I am quite happy these days.

With microsoft roling windows out twice a year  I have no idea how users spend the cash on upgrading their comercial reader to use the latest feature update of windows.

On 25/03/2020 2:16 am, Tony Ballou wrote:

As a long time adaptive trainer and technical specialist, I have seen this same thing, numerous times. I myself have been an NVDA user for about 8 years or so now.  And I have seen it grow, and improve by leaps and bounds.  Since I first tried it out when situations forced me to moved to a more affordable screen reading solution, I will be the first to admit that I didn't bring any of my clients across because of the familiarity aspects and issues with more of the shall we say mainstream products. However, if they were in a situation where they wanted to purchase a new system from me, I would be sure to install NVDA on it for them so that they would have it at their fingertips if they couldn't afford Jaws and bring them across that way.  Getting schools and organizations to support NVDA is by no means going to be an easy task for they all have been spoon fed on Jaws as the premiere screen reading software for the longest time.  The adage seems to be if what we've got works, why fix or in this case, try to change it.


On 3/23/2020 2:02 PM, Sky Mundell wrote:
Hello guys . I do agree with everybody about what they're saying. However, I
am going to point something out to you, and that is, as a 6 year adaptive
tech trainer who has trained blind students in screen readers, I have to say
that there are folks out there that won't give up there screen reader too
easily. As an example, I do have friends out there that know that NVDA
exists, and so on and so forth, but a lot of them think that if something is
cheaper, it is inferior. I'll give you an example. I do have a friend in
California who has heard of NVDA, and her blind friends know that NVDA
exists, and they have tried it but they end up going back to JAWS because
its what they know. Also Many of the institutions that I've come across have
never heard of NVDA, or if they have heard of it, they assume that it is
incomplete or inferior because they have seem more than one person use JAWS
and iPhones so they think, all blind folks use, are JAWS screen reader, and
iPhones. Which, as you and I know, is not true. As, while JAWS and iPhone's
are certainly used, not everybody uses, or cannot afford, either JAWS, or
iPhone. Another example is that I have a relative that works at a
university, and they use JAWS and I bet if they have heard of NVDA they
would be reluctant to try it because they would, once again, assume it is
incomplete, and inferior. Sadly,  there is no support for NVDA in the school
districts that I am aware of where I am. I am certainly in favor of client
choice and I am in favor of cheaper stuff but at the moment its going to be
real tough to get organisations to realize that NVDA even exists let alone
trying it out.

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