Re: Curiosity questing

hurrikennyandopo ...


I think one time when i tried it it wanted to download only. I might of been the browser doing it more and not giving me the option to open the file to run it.

I think it was in my drop box that time to a link on my page. Not sure if it would make a difference if it was on the part where the files are? Guess we have some time to have a play and see if it works?

Gene nz

I think at the time it might of just been the nvda 2019??? file in the one package if i remember SA to go done some thing like that or was it web any where? I just can not remember the address for it.

It would solve a lot of access problems but they would need a address that is easy t remember to start it.

On 24/03/2020 10:57 pm, Robert Doc Wright godfearer wrote:
Has anyone investigated whether it is possible to run the NVDA portable version from a web site? I was thinking about what System Access did and wondered if it were possible. If it is then we could have access to speech anywhere we went.
If we don't take time to think before we speak we may find ourselves in a situation where our speech becomes a bit stinky!

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