Re: Free JAWS licence that was anounced today


I guess perhaps my point was that when helping someone choose a screen
reader, asking how they would like to use it should be 1 of the 1st
questions out of the box, & that if the user indicates a general
purpose scenario, then NVDA would be an excellent choice for that. I
also strongly feel that folks on any given day should have more than 1
screen reader in their arsenal if at all possible, because some are
just better at certain things than others.

On 3/24/20, Brian Vogel <@britechguy> wrote:
On Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 04:01 PM, Jackie wrote:

While I would say that NVDA meets the needs of many "general" users,
unfortunately, there are still some situations where Jaws does what
NVDA can't.
And vice versa.  There are also times where Narrator can do something the
other two don't handle gracefully.

But, under typical circumstances, other than something in the form of, "I
can do [insert thing here] with JAWS/Narrator/Window-Eyes, but can't figure
out how to do it with NVDA," being brought up any extended discussion of
JAWS, Narrator, or Window-Eyes on this group is off-topic.

That would even be true now, today, were the conversation about how to use
JAWS, Narrator, or Window-Eyes.  That's off-topic.

I just wanted to point out in response to the original question what my
reasoning was for allowing the discussion that Freedom Scientific/Vispero
was offering JAWS, Fusion, and ZoomText licenses at no cost to home users
through June 30th.  It's an exception condition, not a change in group
rules.  Group owners and moderators will, occasionally, allow topics for
exception conditions that are generally recognized as such without further


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