locked Re: Statement from Joseph Lee regarding NVDA add-ons and Windows XP support requests: no more, period


On Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 04:15 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:

The university I do work for has a system brought with xp in mind.

It cost a lot to install and its going to cost more to upgrade since the stuff they use just is not compatible with modern systems.

So that means they have to get rid of and buy completely new hardware and software.

Shaun, what follows is not aimed at you, personally, but at this argument, which seems to be made again and again and again.

That argument is irrelevant, as everyone knows that there are exception conditions and, more importantly, if these systems are not in touch with cyberspace, and a lot of them aren't, the risks are very greatly diminished overall.

The statement that XP should absolutely not be used as an OS is in the context of its use as a "daily driver" in contact with cyberspace.  The same argument can be and is made for all out of support operating systems being used in this way.

If you have the odd situation where any one of them is the OS for which custom software was written, and the whole system that uses it is air-gapped from cyberspace, then you need to consider upgrading as soon as is reasonably possible, but it's not desperately necessary in a lot of cases.  I have an old XP system that hasn't been connected to the internet in many years that I've kept simply because there's a single program on it that's still very useful and where newer versions don't offer much more than what I typically need out of the ancient one.  But I'd never, for a single second, think it's OK to hop on the internet and start surfing the web and doing my online banking.  To do such would be very ill-advised (and, based on my professional experiences, falls into the, "You need to have your head examined!!," category).

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