NVDA speech output and the keystroke NVDA plus numpad divide

Dejan Ristic


Let me address these two instances from the subject line.

When I open Google Chrome, I'm no longer able to hear the output speech when I press the mentioned keystroke (NVDA plus numpad divide). Note that by means of the keyboard I position NVDA navigator object to a link, button, editable area, etc, and when I press the keystroke to position the mouse to the navigator object, what is under it is not reported by NVDA. When I engage Golden cursor in Chrome, too, NVDA would only say: section, landmark, button, toolbar, link. You may conclude that the names of these are not spoken.

But, when I open, for instance, CCleaner, and/or when I do that experiment on the desktop surface, all elements are spoken when I press the keystroke.

It must be noted that the previous version of NVDA performed that task successfully. I can do without that particular keystroke, but I think that it is good to report such a behaviour, though.

NVDA version: latest

Google Chrome release version: latest

Operating system in use: Windows 7, 64 bit SP1.



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