Re: Free JAWS licence that was anounced today


I agree, I do have supernova screen reader active so I can technically do a few tests, however I use it for things like configuring some winamp preffs and to play smuglers.

I do test the new edge with it and windows desktop and a few other things, and I may even try to get it working with software like vmware workstation but to be honest, its quite minimal.

On 25/03/2020 2:37 pm, Jesse Farquharson wrote:

I, too, have had plenty an issue with JAWS. I used it from grade 4 onwards on school provided computers and frequently found it slow to start. More than that, I would often run into an issue where JAWS would be in the middle of reading something, and whatever synth I was using at the time would completely freeze up and just continue vocalizing the same sound non-stop. Sometimes it would happen multiple times a day and sometimes only once a week.

There also came a few incidents where, for no apparent reason, JAWS reverted to 40 minute demo mode and the school had to buy a brand new license even though no one did anything to the JAWS program/version/whatever.

As soon as I got my own computer through government funding, the first thing I did was download NVDA on it. I also got a JAWS 17 license for it, but... honestly, almost four years later I am starting to consider that a waste of money. I can count on one hand the number of times I've used JAWS, and I've found that in each case, for my needs, if one program doesn't work with one, it doesn't work with the other. BitDefender and NordVPN being prime examples.

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