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hurrikennyandopo ...


if i remember right there was a add on called clip speak which would do some thing strange like that.

I would go to copy a file but it would not copy it or some times it would  then i could paste it.

But have nto used it for a long time so that bug might of been fixed.

I am sure it was that add on? if you have it disabled  it then try and copy a file etc and see if it does the job if yes properly a few times then re enable the add on and see it it mucks up again..

Then if that is the case it is that add on.

I think it might of been based off the fake clipboard add on?

Gene nz

If it does

On 26/03/2020 9:41 am, Marisane Moruthanyana wrote:
Hi nvda gurus

I trust you are well even in this era of corona.

I have been facing challenges with nvda over the past few days.

nvda does behave strangely.

When I cut a file from one location to another, the file does not get cut.

Even when I am sure that I did cut it, it remains in the original
location as if I copied it.

This is confusing to be told 'replace the file' which one is sure one
has cut from the original location.

What is wrong here?

I am convinced that it is not Windows but nvda, because jaws does not do that.

Your assistance is appreciated in this regard.

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