Anyway of Getting NVDA 19.3.1 to Read Unlabeled Graphics?

Kenny <kwashingtonbox@...>

Hope everyone is doing well?

I'm a former user of JAWS. Find myself going back to use it for left mouse clicking on unlabeled graphics found on some application windows.

The NVDA review cursor only seems to read text displayed on the screen. Since the graphic isn't generating a separate nav object, I'm not able to use that NVDA reading function to see it either. Is there any way of getting NVDA to read the numeric window handle integer of an unlabeled graphic? Sort of how JAWS "Say All Graphics" mode does?

Just say something letting me know a graphic is there, so I can route the mouse p        ointer to that spot and left click on it.

Maybe there's an add-on available that gives NVDA that functionality?

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