Re: Scan mode in NVDA?


On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 06:50 PM, Robert Kingett wrote:
Do I file a pull request?
No.  Pull requests are for coders.

The GitHub Issues Page for NVDA is:

Issues are broken into two distinct types: bug reports and feature requests, with a separate button for each category.

Always search in the issues page first using a couple of keywords specific to your feature request, as there may very well already be one.  If one exists, you can add a comment to it as well as read what has gone on with it since it was originally created.

In fact, a search I did just now using "scan mode" for open issues returned this in the list:  new functionality give nvda function similar to nvarrador's scan mode

There might be others, as I didn't keep on looking through the list.  You (any you) really do not want to create a new feature request if one already exists, as it just makes more work for those managing these to merge them together.  One request, regardless of how many people want it, should have only one feature request associated with it.  Add a comment if you feel the need.

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