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hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi Brian

I have been looking at the dates and if they are old dates those ones seem not to work  unless it has a much later date.

for example tip of the day shows on the main part of the add on website and also under the under development but will not work with nvda 2019.3

Gene nz

Gene nz

On 26/03/2020 11:07 am, Brian Vogel wrote:

My understanding is that all add-ons shown on the NVDA Community Add-Ons Main Page are compatible with whatever the current version of NVDA happens to be at a given moment in time.

Quite a few of the ones on the Under Development Add-Ons Page are as well.

The Legacy Add-Ons Page includes ones only compatible with some former version or versions of NVDA.

Clipspeak is showing on the Community Add-Ons Main Page.

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