Re: NVDA getting stuck in frames in Firefox

Jacob Kruger

What I did notive when visiting that page, using firefox 74, was that it firstly asked for me for permission to know my location, and then to show notifications - both os those might keep hold of focus until dismissed, and, then it seemed to have opened a form of in-page dialogue asking me to subscribe to a corona newsletter, but, when I activated the close button, then it returned to the article mentioned in the page title.

I do have the mozilla apps add-on installed here, and am running NVDA 2020.1 beta 1, if relevant, but, what mentioned above might interfere with initial interaction?

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On 2020-03-25 10:43 PM, Greg Williams wrote:

NVDA 2019.3 frequently gets stuck in frames in Firefox (I am using Firefox 67 currently). I seemed to be able to repeat it consistently on this page:

(any enjoyment from the actual page is a bonus). Sometimes refreshing content NVDA+f5 works, and sometimes NVDA+ctrl+space works, and sometimes I have to restart NVDA. Pressing tab moves through the elements on the page, but the arrow keys only read the frame content. I tried the new beta, but it also gets stuck. I am running Windows 10. Do other people experience this, or is there some quirk in my setup? Thanks.


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