Re: NVDA getting stuck in frames in Firefox


i am not sure, because currently i have firefox 45 on my system.
and, nvda 2017.3 is the best version of nvda for me!
even nvda 2017.2 is very great, and has everythings that i need.
but i guess that your issue maybe related to one of these issues on github.

On 3/26/20, Greg Williams <greg.williams.1978@...> wrote:

NVDA 2019.3 frequently gets stuck in frames in Firefox (I am using
Firefox 67 currently). I seemed to be able to repeat it consistently on
this page:

(any enjoyment from the actual page is a bonus). Sometimes refreshing
content NVDA+f5 works, and sometimes NVDA+ctrl+space works, and
sometimes I have to restart NVDA. Pressing tab moves through the
elements on the page, but the arrow keys only read the frame content. I
tried the new beta, but it also gets stuck. I am running Windows 10. Do
other people experience this, or is there some quirk in my setup? Thanks.


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