Re: A problem with the accessible page of Gameday Audio in Firefox 48

Ron Canazzi

Hi Lino,

I am running Firefox 48 and I have no such problem. I wonder if some sort of tool bar is blocking things.

On 8/9/2016 3:48 PM, Lino Morales wrote:
Hi all. I've got a minor problem. I don't know if any of you on this list have a subscription to MLB Gameday Audio, but in FF 48 I can't move my arrow keys or tab to read the rest of the page once you start playing a game. When I hit the up or down arrow all I get is the URL read. I don't know if this is a flaw in FF 48 or not. I am running master branch of NVDA. If anyone is running NVDA 2016.2 and can play with this that would be great. I figured I'd post about this here before posing the same question to the Firefox support list. Thanks.

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