locked Re: Statement from Joseph Lee regarding NVDA add-ons and Windows XP support requests: no more, period

Rosemarie Chavarria

I did read your message.

On 3/26/2020 8:36 AM, zahra wrote:
did you read my explanation about american accent and i cant use newer
versions of nvda, even if i can use newer version of windows, because
of the lack of american accent with my native language?!
also, i studied hundreds of issues and realized that 2017.3 is the
best and even 2017.2 is great,

only two fixes! between hundreds of issues! which are in newer
versions of nvda that i need.

On 3/26/20, Rosemarie Chavarria <knitqueen2007@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi, Zara,

We're not trying to judge or make fun of you. I'm sure there has to be
some kind of organization in Iran where you can get a new or refurvished
computer. You may not be able to afford a brand-new computer but I'm
sure there are organizations that will help you to get a refurvished
computer with windows 10. We have all told you numerous times that you
shouldn't stay with a system that's no longer supported.


On 3/26/2020 8:25 AM, zahra wrote:
i live in Iran.
numerous sanctions and expensive prices.
i really cant use newer versions because of the lack for english US
accent even if i can use newer windows.
i really cant understand UK english and i get headache, but, i can
even read hundreds of pages of english books with american accent!
i am very sad, because people judge other people whome dont know about
there needs, situations and conditions!

On 3/26/20, ely.r@comcast.net <ely.r@comcast.net> wrote:
Thanks for posting this. Joseph, Thanks for keeping unbendable about
request, and know that we users are strongly behind you and any other
developers that are pushed to back port or rewrite code for systems that
no longer supported.

Zara, there are some good options for replacing your entire computer
at a very small cost. If you hope to continue to rely on a computer for
of your connections to the world, it is past time to give up "Old
and move on.

I live in Massachusetts, and though my current system is still useable, I
about to replace it. Our regional Commission for the Blind AT specialist
already asked if I will donate my current system. He will refurbish it,
remove all my data, and prepare it for another user. Not knowing where
live or your circumstances, these options may b available to you. Rather
than using energy to ask for reverse engineering, why not ask this
incredible list for ideas that will help you get a fresh tech start?

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Windows XP support requests: no more, period

Hi Joseph,
Don't waste your time. People was advising her for years now , getting
respond, She just comes back with the same, and emphasize more and more.

On 3/26/20, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@gmail.com> wrote:
I told the community, but let me remind you again: NO, NO, NO! Yes,
I'm angry, and yes, I mean it: please do not ask the community to
email you about feature backports, as that will not happen. Sorry -

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Statement from Joseph Lee regarding NVDA add-ons
and Windows XP support requests: no more, period

thanks for your message.
for several reasons, nvda 2017.3 is the best version and even 2017.2
works very well, and they work very perfect for my need.
but, two or three items which are included in newer versions of nvda,
i wish to backported to nvda 2017.3, not only for myself, but for the
benefit of all users of this versions like me!
if someone wants to help me in this regard, please email me!
God bless you everyone!

On 3/24/20, abdul muhamin <abdulmuhamin600@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi, Zahra, why you don’t update your operating system and the NVDA to
the latest versions to solve all your compatibility problems instead
of asking support of the old software, you should use the new and
fresh peace of software to avoid all the security risks

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

From: zahra
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2020 3:00 PM
To: nvda@nvda.groups.io
Subject: Re: [nvda] Statement from Joseph Lee regarding NVDA add-ons
andWindows XP support requests: no more, period

hi joseph.
as i mentioned in my emails, i only need two or three fixed in newer
versions of nvda for backporting to the supported versions of nvda on
and i promise that my request does not cause nvda crashing or
unresponsiveness in any version of windows!
my requests are only specific for firefox and contains important
fixes which i am sure benefits everyone.

On 3/23/20, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello NVDA users and add-on developers,

First, I would like to reiterate how important it is that everyone
listen to advice from reputable sources regarding COVID-19,
including public health officials recommending folks to exercise
social distancing for a while.
if you do not feel sick, please help others by washing hands,
practice social distancing, and monitor the situation regarding the
pandemic and community spread. And since the NVDA community is a
global movement, please support each other.

Onto the matter at hand: for several days I have received requests
about NVDA add-ons and Windows XP support. Requests have included
making add-ons compatible with Windows XP again, compatibility
issues, and backporting newer NVDA bug fixes and features to users
of NVDA 2017.3, the last version compatible with Windows XP.

At the moment there is no community guidance on support for Windows
XP, with many people asking others to upgrade to newer Windows
releases. But as an individual add-on author and a contributor to
NVDA screen reader project, I would like to take this time to make
the following personal announcement:

Effective April 15, 2020, if you ask me to do one or more of the
following for Windows XP users, the answer you will get is, "sorry,
no more, period."
These include:

* Making add-ons compatible with Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, and
Server 2008
* Fixing compatibility issues and non-working add-ons after you
knowingly install newer add-on releases on NVDA 2017.3 or earlier
* Backporting features and bug fixes from newer NVDA releases to NVDA
* Maintaining a long-term support version of NVDA for Windows
XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008 users

Most importantly, I will flatly say "no" if you ask me privately to
ask NV Access and/or add-on developers about Windows XP support.
Many features introduced in newer NVDA releases cannot be backported
for various reasons, including risk of crashing NVDA (grammar error
announcement, for example), incompatibility with Python 2 (broader
Unicode support, for example), features that will not work properly
with XP (screen curtain, for example), support for apps no longer
recommended for wider use (outlook Express, for example), and broad
changes that alters how add-ons work (speech refactor and
multi-category settings dialog, for example). Several add-on authors
have indicated reluctance to support XP, and in case of add-ons I'm
either maintaining or have passed onto the community, none of them
support NVDA
2019.2.1 or earlier, let alone Windows XP and friends.

My personal statement above will not be in effect until April so
that you can help others going through COVID-19 and for my statement
as an individual developer to sink in. Note that I'm not speaking on
behalf of other developers - others have their own policies
regarding support for Windows XP. NV Access does provide a download
link for NVDA 2017.3, the last version compatible with Windows XP.

I know my statement is a huge blow to many of you. As much as I
wanted folks to understand that end of support means end of support,
and I understand that many of you cannot afford newer equipment and
software releases (including moving to newer Windows releases), I
felt it is time to make a bold statement and say "no" to Windows XP
support. In the past, I did note on various NVDA forums that my
add-ons will not and does not support Windows XP, but didn't
announce a statement like this then, hoping that folks will
understand the reality at last. But alas, it is time to officially
close the doors to Windows XP support from my end - once again, this
is an individual developer saying this, not on behalf of the
community at large, knowing that others will make statements on their

Thank you for understanding.



By God,
were I given all the seven heavens
with all they contain
in order that
I may disobey God
by depriving an ant
from the husk of a grain of barley,
I would not do it.
imam ali

By God,
were I given all the seven heavens
with all they contain
in order that
I may disobey God
by depriving an ant
from the husk of a grain of barley,
I would not do it.
imam ali

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