Re: Scan mode in NVDA?

Kevin Cussick

Hi, there is an addon that does this called Obj pad it will do what You want I use it all the time.

On 25/03/2020 22:50, Robert Kingett wrote:
First, where do we submit feature requests, not bugs. Do we submit a pull request?
The feature I find using most often, ironically, isn't even an NVDA feature. I use Narrator's scan mode to actually get to inaccessible controls and otherwise for various reasons. I get it that we have object navigation and the review cursor and otherwise, but how hard would it be to replace object review with scan mode?
If not replace, what about just adding it in, period? That being said,
where do I go to make this suggestion? Do I file a pull request? I thought those were only for bugs.

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