Re: How to copy Instant Translate spoken output to clipboard_


Hi Sis,
Instant translate does allow you to copy the last announced
translation to clipboard.
NVDA shift t, that's the instant translate modifier key pressing, followed by
As you know the letter "T" to translate selected.
The letter "C" to copy that translation.
Or for the list of hotkeys the addon has , press the letter "H" after
the same first set.
Enjoy, Talk soon.

On 3/20/20, Mallard <> wrote:
Hello all,

I have some strings in Chinese I-d need to translae into English for
later reviewing and refining.

Instant Translate speaks the translated text, but doesn-t allow for
copying it to clipboard.

I was told I should install Speech History, but the add/on is
incompatible with the latest versions of NVDA *I-m using Alphas(, while
Instant Translate is incompatible with earlier versions.

any solutions, please_

Thanks in advance.



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