Re: popover, anyone?


It may be a variation of what is usually called mouse over. You can
follow a mouse over link in the usual way, but if you hover a mouse
over it, some action is taken, such as a menu opening or some
additional information shown somewhere on screen. If you can use the
site and get the information you want or need, you needn't worry about
such links. If you can't, as far as I know, there is no efficient way
to use them with NVDA.


On 3/27/20, Monte Single <> wrote:
Hi List,

I have 2 pcs.

One is win7 and the other is win10.

I have current versions of nvda and chrome on both.

I go to the audible website and do a title search.

I use the g key to go to the next graphic which is also the title of that

Nvda says the title, cover art and popover.

What is popover?

I do not experience this on other websites.




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