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anuj sharma

Which one should I join to send
1 Blind programming
A list for blind programmers to discuss things including accessibility
of different ides, programming with screen readers, general questions
such as why
doesn't such and such code compile etc.
2 Blind Programming
A free list for discussions on matters concerning blind computer
programmers and enthusiasts.

On 27/03/2020, Andy B. <> wrote:
I think that project was a trial run to see what might be possible in Visual
Studio 2019 and later. Most of what you want out of that project is either
built into 2019 or later, or not implemented because there is no interest or
a lack of community support.

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Subject: [nvda] Voluntary action for visual studio and NVDA

Hello friends
Sorry if that is not a proper platform for this post I will request to admin
to delete and send to right forum There is a extension called Code Talk in
visual studio. Which make visual studio accessible for visually impaired
person and it’s work extremely well with NVDA In his beginning face it’s
develop and support by Microsoft and his developer however in present it is
a open source project.
In short, Microsoft has been step back from his development.
Because it’s available only for visual studio 2017 it doesn’t support visual
studio 2019 I try to mail his team and I got that response Your message to couldn't be delivered. The group codetalk only
accepts messages from people in its organization or on its allowed senders
list, and your email address isn't on the list.
And I send a message on face book to his one developer but I didn't get
response So I request to addon developer bring his feature to NVDA in a form
of NVDA addon Or support to his development if anyone can Because it’s an
open source project.
Link: -

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