problem with Arabic multi-cell characters when inputting braille with NVDA


Hi, so I use my braille display to type using nvda. I choose the Arabic grade1 table as an input and output. Must of things works good, except for the symbols that contain more than one cell. For example, we have the Arabic comma is dot five, and the colon is dot five followed by dot two in the next cell.

When I press dot five, it stypes comma, but when I follow it with dot 2, nvda says “unsupported input”, and does nothing. The expected behavior is that it should translate it to a colon sign.

My understanding that if a symbol consists of more than one cell, and the first part of this symbol is identified as another symbol in its own, NVDA understands only the first part of it and ignores the second part.

This also applies to the Arabic grade2 table. Most of the abbreviations give this “unsupported input” message when being written, although they are being displayed properly.

I am using the latest nvda release.

I hope you can help me in this regard.



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