Re: Bluetooth hearing aid lag on Windows 10 with NVDA.

Tony Malykh

When you say "the addon for Bluetooth to stay connected, ", do you mean Bluetooth Audio add-on?

You're describing the beginning of every chunk of audio gets cut off, that is indeed indicative of your hearing aid entering standby mode too quickly. There is a program called Silencio, that you might want to try, it is similar to Bluetooth audio add-on, in the sense that it just plays silence and prevents bluetooth devices from entring stand by. You might want to try to see if it works.

On 3/26/2020 5:54 AM, Daniel Hawkins wrote:
Hello everyone,

I am currently am trying out a new hearing aid called the phonak Marvel. It has Bluetooth and I can connect this to my iPhone, Mac, and Windows 10. however, when i am connected to Windows 10 with NVDA, I have noticed that it have really really bad lag when the screenreader speaks. All first character or word is chopped off. Typing is almost impossible due to it is not spoken. It seems like as soon the TTS stop speaking, it goes into standby. However, my IPhone and mac does not have this problem. I have tried the addon for Bluetooth to stay connected, and I have not noticed a difference.

have anyone else have this issue too?

Thanks guys!
Daniel Hawkins
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