Re: question regard skype?


Its also worth mentioning that everyone should get used to this because winaero has told me a couple weeks ago that the skype desktop will be the only one we will have from now on sooner or later.

Microsoft is going to be deleting skype, and skype will be going away perminantly at some stage.

What that means is that instead of universal skype and desktop skype skype electron desktop will be the new universal and be managed from the store, so it appears with their use of chrome and its tech that they are changing to a more or less web interface for just about everything which is probably a good thing in the long run.

On 27/03/2020 6:36 pm, zahra wrote:
i believe that using skype 8 should be very easy.
because one time i tested and it was like a web browser!

On 3/27/20, Meet modi <> wrote:
hello members.
I wont to know about that if i enter in one chat of group how can possible
to exit?
and second question any shortcuts key or addons is available so guide me...
Thanks in advance

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