Re: NVDA is too verbose on Youtube?


I don't think automatic reading of sites has anything to do with this
and I would recommend you turn it back on. It appears you are
referring to the automatic read when a site finishes loading feature,
which is a very good way to know when a site has loaded. Others may
know of a setting, but I doubt there is one. and changing settings
just to stop this unwanted automatic reading may have other
detrimental effects on other sites if something is available that may
stop this behavior.

I'll add that, as a comment on the situation, I have no patience with
someone who makes a tiny inconvenience into a major issue to the point
where it is a decisive factor in using NVDA or not. Using the stop
speech command is such a tiny inconvenience that I can't help but
wonder if the person simply doesn't want to change, no matter what. I
don't even consider it an inconvenience. Its so trivial that its just
something you do. I wouldn't be surprised if the person does trivial
things when using JAWS he/she might not need to do with NVDA.


On 3/28/20, Gerardo Corripio <> wrote:
I’ve a friend here in my city, whom I’m trying to convince that NVDA is the
way to go these days, instead of the Shark, but he insists that he doesn’t
like “the Martian” as he calls jokingly NVDA, Because especially on Youtube,
it’s very verbose! You can be watching a video, and it’ll start reading off
the comments for instance, when the Shark doesn’t do this. I tell him that
the solution would be to, while on Youtube, to via the nvda+S to silence the
speech, and when he needs to change videos or interact, regain speech via
the before-mentioned combo. He and I have gone through the settings just to
check if maybe there’s a setting that’ll make it behave better with Youtube?
We turned off the Automatic Reading of sites. Any other ideas you guys could
come up with? That might help?

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