Re: NVDA is too verbose on Youtube?


If this is what I think it is, not being able to stop automatic
reading of live regions sounds like a serious deficiency. I believe
there are sites, such as financial sites, where a stock ticker might
be a live region. How can you work well with a site of that sort if
the live region is constantly trying to speak as information changes?
Does JAWS have a feature to stop automatic reading of live regions and
am I correct about what they do and that this may be a serious problem
on some sites?

Having said that, if the original poster doesn't use such sites, and I
suspect the majority of people don't, and if the only problem is the
youtube problem, I still consider that to be an absurd reason to
prefer one screen-reader over another.

On 3/28/20, Rob Hudson <> wrote:
Gene <> wrote:
I don't think automatic reading of sites has anything to do with this
and I would recommend you turn it back on.
Others may know of a setting, but I doubt there is one.
This is what they call live regions, I think, in html-land. There is no
setting in NVDA to handle these. Your only option is to silence speech or
hit the control key.

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