Re: Setting a key to change indentation level

Sascha Cowley


You can do this by setting an input gesture.

  1. Open the NVDA Input Gestures dialog. It can be found under the NVDA preferences menu.
  2. In the "Filter by:" field, type "indent".
  3. Tab to the tree. There should be two commands shown, both under "Document formatting". Arrow down until you get to "Cycles through line indentation settings".
  4. Tab to "Add" and press enter or space; or, press alt+A. Then, activate the keystroke you want to hit to Cycle through line indentation settings.
  5. In the menu that pops up, use the up and down arrows to select if this keystroke applies to the laptop, desktop, or all keyboard layouts. If you only use one (IE, you're always on a laptop), I would suggest using that layout, but it is up to you.
  6. Tab to "OK" and hit space or enter..

Now, you should be able to open a document, type some text with different indentation levels, and use your configured input gesture to change the way NVDA reports the indentation. Navigate through the document to check that it works.

Hope this helps,

On 29/03/2020 00:50, Greg Wocher wrote:

    Hello all,

Is there a way to set a key to set how NVDA announces indentation level? For example, I could use NVDA plus Control plus i to cycle thru the indentation levels.


Greg Wocher

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