trouble after installing a new SAPI5 voice

Giles Turnbull

Hi all,

This morning I installed the 30-day demo of a SAPI5 synth voice, a Welsh male called Geraint. i'd heard it before on a pair of Orcam glasses I used to own and, since I've been living in Waels quite a long time, I love it! I checked with their customer services that NVDA would find the voice after it was installed, which they confirmed it would, and it did ... but when I downloaded and installed the voice I hit a problem ... nothing is getting spoken!

This is the product page

I tried re-starting NVDA but that didn't help (I had the Save configuration setting on exit checked) though I was still able to shutdown and restart the computer because NVDA was still using the SAPI5 voice Zira on the Windows logon screen.

I tried using Narrator to navigate to the NVDA speech settings menu and change the voice, but NVDA+n is a Narrator shortcut that says "No main landmark". I tried using the speech synthesiser ring (NVDA+CTRL+left / right arrow keys) and adjusting the value of each of the four options (which obviously were not being spoken) to make sure I changed the synth voice but again to no avail. When I tried restarting NVDA with CTRL+ALT+n the NVDA startup sound was heard, but no text was spoken after that point.

In the end I managed to uninstall the new voice using Narrator in the Add and Remove Programs feature and, after re-starting NVDA a different voice was being used and I was able to change back to my usual Zira voice.

In these viral isolation times I don't have anybody with sight who can assist in checking if something might be causing problems with the Harpo / Ivona voice, but wondered if any NVDA users had experienced anything similar at any point :)

Needless to say, I've unchecked the NVDA Save configuration on exit chekbox so that if I try re-installing Geraint I can go back to Zira more easily if necessary :)

Thanks for any thoughts,


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