Re: Possible bug found in the Dropbox add on


I haven't used the add-on but itss reading information Dropbox
displays, not changing or misreading it. My Dropbox often displays
two days as the time. At first, I thought that was really the time
until I saw that the upload speed was the usual one and I found that a
file uploaded in the usual time. Dropbox has a bug.


On 3/30/20, Roger Stewart <> wrote:
I think there may be something wrong with the latest version of the
Dropbox add on. I just uploaded a file and while I was checking it, it
kept saying the time left was 2 plus days! It actually just took a bit
over 2 minutes to upload. I checked it several times and it kept giving
me this very weird and incorrect time. After it finished it then did say
up to date as it should. Is there something wrong with the way it reads
the remaining time?


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