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On 30/03/2020 19:37, Rui Fontes wrote:


We present a new add-on...

Frequent text
• Authors: Rui Fontes and Ângelo Abrantes, based on work of Marcos António de Oliveira
• Updated in 27/03/2020
• Download stable version
• <> Compatibility: NVDA version 2019.3 and posteriors
This add-on provides a way to quickly insert blocks of text you type frequently in documents you write.
To start using this add-on you will need to fill the blocks of text you want to use. For that, first press Windows+f12. It will be displayed a dialog where you can press Tab to access the "Add" button. Activate it to create a new block. In the first dialog, type the name of the block and press Enter or activate the "Ok" button. It will present a dialog to type the block of text. Enter the lines you want, and when done, press Tab and activate the "Ok" button.
To paste the block of text in an edit field, just select the block and press Enter.
In the add-on dialog box you also can rename, change the contents or delete the block of text.

Best regards,

Rui Fontes

NVDA portuguese team

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