Re: When nvda keeps turning itself on any time another program opens or shuts


I suggest installing JAWS and having it run at startup and not having
NVDA do so. A very good example of where having more than one
screen-reader is very useful. Or, if Narrator can run on the login
screen, that would be something else you could use.


On 3/30/20, Hugin <> wrote:
I disabled use nvda on and it didn't work the only thing that worked was to

disable start nvda with windows but then it won't start up automatically
when the computer does as I need it to. So either no start at all without me

having to do it or it starts all the time when any other program does like
it's start up when I don't want it to and again this never happened before
windows 10 and now it's 3 computers.
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