Re: When nvda keeps turning itself on any time another program opens or shuts



So, you want to talk to an NVDA programmer? No need to write to us directly – I am an NVDA programmer/code contributor.

Based on the discussion I’m seeing in front of me, we need to clarify a few things before we continue:

  • NVDA startup options: there are two options found under NVDA Settings/General category. The first one named “Automatically start NVDA after I log on to Windows” will ask NVDA to come up when you log into Windows. The second option named “Use NVDA on the Windows logon screen (requires administrator privileges)" Will ask NVDA to come up in User Account Control, logon window and other secure screens. The option you should be looking at is the second one, not the first one.
  • Is the secure screen copy of NVDA a separate NVDA version: yes and no. When you press Control+Alt+Delete to invoke Windows sign-in dialog or User Account Control shows up, the same NVDA executable will run but will pull in settings from system configuration. In short, the regular NVDA will be suspended as long as a secure screen is up (describing how this is possible will require a detailed discussion of certain NVDA and Windows internals; I’ll answer it if you all want me to describe it).


In order to better diagnose this, I and other developers will need detailed steps as to how to reproduce this, if it is reproducible at all. If the problem is reproducible (say, you exit NVDA, someone uses something, and NVDA somehow starts up without you doing anything), then it might be possible to do some more investigations (including NVDA Remote session). Once we know that the problem is reproducible, the next course of action is looking at add-ons you’ve got and disabling add-ons to see if that makes a difference. Failing that, reading a debug log is in order, followed by non-destructive and/or destructive settings reset (non-destructive: press Control+NvDA+R three times, use NVDA for a while, then press Control+NVDA+R once to reload settings; destructive: delete NVDA settings file).


On the other hand, if the problem isn’t reproducible or inconsistent as to when it occurs, there’s really nothing I and other NVDA Developers can do except to say that this issue is unique to your system. IN the past, users contacted NVDA developers to say that they are experiencing problems, which were later classified as unique to a situation when we failed to reproduce problems reliably.


As much as I wish to provide a troubleshooting session via Skype and NVDA Remote add-on (for free), there are other things I need to prioritize – I’m in college, so school takes priority. But if it does come down to providing second or third level technical support alongside NV Access people (NV Access does offer paid tech support, by the way), I’ll think about what we can do.




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Hi Brian,Gene/ and list


I do not have jaws and will not use jaws and as Brian said won't fix the issue really in a logical way but I appreciate the thought. I am asking if anyone has am nvda contact for programmers or anyone else I an ask about this. Because we've installed it before, never an issue. Not on windows 10, though. Not sure what made you think I had the same software on all computers, Brian, I am sorry if I indicated as much as it isn't the case. Also my sister's comp, comp number 4 doing this is not in my home. She is however in my city and she jokingly suggests that it's a *incert name of our city* problem and no one will understand. HAHA. Really though I hope we're just doing something wrong though I don't see what as again have used nvda for years without this happening. Each installation of windows 10 we have came from different people, the computers came from different places. My husband installed two one of ours, and my sister's, but those computers are entirely different, different models, one is a desk and one a lap top etc. But other 2 are having the same issue, one was done by Boundless, and one by a local computer guy. Again starting to feel it's just and our paranormal weirdness though why the ghoulies care about nvda is beyond me.

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