Re: Windows Training for free, for anyone who is looking for something to do during this time.

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The times are given in GMT, London, Dublin time.

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dear sir i want to join the classes but i do not know how to adjest the time according to your time zone. regards
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Unfortunately, The classes will not be recorded.

The next class is tonight.

Here is some free training for people who are stuck at home   If you want to share it on your facebook page, or email list.

Kathy Ann Murtha offers daily Windows 10 lessons, from 18 March through 18 April 2020 via Zoom at 19:30 GMT. The site lists the lesson topics for each day. Lessons are an hour long with a half-hour for instruction and a half-hour for discussion:

More information on the classes is here

March 27 – WordPad Display and Ribbons
March 30 – Windows Text Navigation, Cursor Placement, Delete Text
March 31 – Text Selection, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete and Undo
April 1 – WordPad Backstage and the Save As dialog
April 2 – Font Attributes and Document Formatting
April 3 – Bullet and Numbered Lists
April 6 – File Explorer Introduction, Configure File Explorer, Views and Navigating File Explorer
April 7 – Select and organize File Explorer Documents
April 8 – File Explorer Instant Search and the Search Ribbon
April 9 – File Explorer Address Bar, Quick Access and Columns
April 10 – Set Default Applications and Open Documents in Alternative Applications
April 13 – The Run Dialog
April 14 – Windows Desktop Shortcuts and Icon Properties
April 15 – Windows SendTo
April 16 – The Recycle Bin
April 17 – Uninstall or Repair Applications
April 18 – Virtual Desktops

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