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On Sat, Mar 28, 2020 at 09:39 PM, iram shabbir wrote:
i want to join the classes but i do not know how to adjest the time according to your time zone.
This can get tricky for all of us, but there's a simple way to do this time math when you need to.

If something is expressed in UTC or GMT (which are the equivalent) and you want to know what time it would be locally, open the time & date settings on your computer.  If your time zone is UTC minus so many hours, then you ADD that number of hours to UTC/GMT to get it in your local time.  If your UTC is plus so many hours, you SUBTRACT that number of hours to get your local time.

Also, every web search engine I know of will do time math, so entering a search term of the form, 12:30 PDT to EDT, where you substitute your actual time zone for EDT in the example will get you your local time, typically presented as its own separate item in 24 hour time before the web search results for all the time converters that do the math, too.

The classes are occurring at 19:30 GMT, so anyone can use a search term of the form, 19:30 GMT to {insert local time zone here}, as well.

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