Re: Combo Boxes Are Not Accessible

Rich DeSteno

In response to these requests for an example of the type of combo boxes to which I refer, I have only encountered them recently on several music library sites where you must select from a list of various genres or key words.  These come up during the application process for uploading original material or offering music services after becoming a member.  Thus, I cannot direct anyone to a totally open public site. For example, is a site where you can offer music-related services for a fee.  You first sign up and then complete a form to offer the service.  It is that form that contains this inaccessible combo box.

On 4/1/2020 12:12 AM, Quentin Christensen wrote:
Have you got an example on a public site you can share please?

On Wed, Apr 1, 2020 at 3:05 PM Rich DeSteno <axcruncher@...> wrote:
I have recently encountered a type of combo box on a few web sites that
is not accessible with screen-reading software, including NVDA.  The
combo box does not open and reveal its list no matter what key
combinations I try.  In past years, combo boxes were easily opened and
read with alt-DownArrow or Space Bar and DownArrow.  Does anyone have a
solution to reading these new combo boxes.  I am currently having great
difficulty in completing a couple of forms that have such boxes.

Rich De Steno

Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

Rich De Steno

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