Re: Combo Boxes Are Not Accessible

Patrick Le Baudour


while not on a quantity combo, I also had a problem with some listboxes/comboboxes on french amazon. Turned out I had to refresh nvda display (nvda+F5) for the changes to be shown.

Also, on completely unrelated websites, i had the "pleasure" to deal with some javascript-based lists/combo, with non-standard behaviour, like only accepting clicks or/and return key pres, or having to press return for an item to be actually selected. Form input mode can even be a hindrance for those.
In those cases, I had to play around quite a bit, but there's usually a way.

-- Patrick

Le 01/04/2020 à 15:00, Howard Traxler a écrit :
I noticed on Amazon, when I try to increment the quantity of an item I'm purchasing, I can get it all the way to 10.  But when I try to close the box (I've tried any key combination I can think of) it will not close and retain my choice.

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