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Clement Chou

Thank you Quentin! I did figure third party voices needed updating
themselves, I was specificaly dealing with Windows one core voices.
Thanks or answering all the questions!

On 4/1/20, Quentin Christensen <> wrote:
Hi Clement,

1) Speech History is the new version of Clip Copy:

2) The supported version for Switch Synth isn't listed on however,
according to the list of add-ons and python 3 compatibility: it is listed as
being compatible.

3) Ok you've asked three questions here!

3a) I don't know for sure, but at a guess, some of the OneCore voices were
likely based off previous SAPI5 voices, which would explain the two
versions - otherwise, I'm not sure, you could ask Microsoft?

3b) auto language switching is a thing but it relies on the document
advising of the language / language changes - that might explain why it
works in some documents and not others?

3c) Updating voices - we update to newer builds of eSpeak-NG periodically,
so one version of NVDA might (but not always) use a newer build than the
previous version. For Windows OneCore voices, I expect Microsoft updates
those themselves - whether they get pushed out invisibly, or as part of
Windows updates, I'm not sure. For other voices (eg Eloquence or Acapela),
they do get updated from time to time, you'll need to follow their
retailers for updates.

Kind regards


On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 12:10 AM Clement Chou <>

Hey all. Just updatd to NVDA 2019.3 this morning, and have some
various questions about different things I was hoping I could gethelp

1. Is there an addon that will allow me to copy the last thing NVDA
reported to the clipboard? Clip Copy used to be my addon of choice,
but as of late it's no longer compatible.
2. Switch Synthe: This addon used to allow me to save multiple
configurations of the same synthesizer for example, when different
languages were required. But that is also gone in the latest version
of the addon. Is there an alternative?
3. Lastly, this isn't necessarily an NVDA question but more some
Windows one core voices questions. IS there a reason some of them show
up in SAPI 5 voice lists and others don't? Also, is auto language
switching a thing? It seems to work very spiratically. And lastly, is
there a need and method o update the voices or anything of that sort?


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