expanding links that won't expand

Sarah k Alawami

I can't really describe this well, but there are links on some pages where if you click them, a menu pops out. I can get this to work on the mac but not that much in windows under nvda 19.2 and 19.3, actually I've ben having the issue since last year. I think they call these fly out menus. I think this is the job of the web dev to fix but is there a work around i"m missing. Here's an example

  1. Go to simmarket.com
  2. I'm not sure if you have to be log in for this but click the my account link. You should see "my wish list, my cart, my orders etc. I cannot get this to expand even after playing with it. Sometimes I can route with nvda backspace but even then after trying that trick the page does not show these options. I'm beginning to go nuts as this is how I can get my keys and stuff for softwares and downloads to updates.

Take care and I hope that helps a bit.

And by the way contacting these devs is not that easy. I've already tried, they don't really care.

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