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This message is somewhat long but some people may find it useful. 
Control home and control end, when in a document are not NVDA commands.  They are Windows commands and will work whether a screen-reader is present or not.  A sighted person would see the cursor move.  The other command you gave, for screen review, is an NVDA command.
It is important to learn the difference between Screen-reader specifric commands and Windows or program commands.  That's because you can then use a computer with a different screen-reader, if necessary, and do a good deal if you have to not use your screen--reader of choice.  It also makes changing screen-readers much easier.  Even on your own computer this matters.  If you have to run Narrator for some reason, if you know the difference, you can use it immediately and do a good deal. 
In general, though this is not a perfect discrimination, commands that do things that do not rely specifically on vision are Windows commands.  Commands that do things that rely on vision are screen-reader commands.  For example, read current line and read title bar are screen--reader commands.  You need commands to announce these things, which a sighted person can simply look to see.  Control home and control end are Windows and Windows program commands.  They move the cursor in a program or edit field.  They are not just something you look at.  You are changing something in the program itself. 

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Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2016 4:49 PM
Subject: Re: [NVDA] Going to the top and bottom of a window

NVDA sure does have key commands to go to the top orb bottom of a window. If
you are reading a document or such where the system carrot can follow along,
you can just press CTRL+Home or CTRL+End to go to the top and bottom. If you
are using the review cursor to read the text on objects, the laptop command
is NVDA+CTRL+Home or End.
That is it.
David Moore

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From: John J. Boyer
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Subject: [nvda] Going to the top and bottom of a window

NVDA does not seem to have keysrokes for going to the top or bottom of
a window. The other screenreaders that I have tried do have such
keystrokes. Why doesn't NVDA?


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