Re: How accessible is Zoom with NVDA?

Scott Salzman

Hi Matthew,


If I'm understanding your question correctly, you might want to try using the Zoom keyboard command Control+Alt+Shift, which will move focus to zoom's meeting controls.  It will do this, even if your focus was in another application.


Pressing the Alt key, by itself, will toggle the display or hiding of the Zoom controls.  If they're hidden, you won't be able to tab to them.  There's a better way to handle the persistent display of the Zoom controls, via an Accessibility setting in the Zoom application.  To get there, you can tab to the "Audio Settings button" and press Enter.  Then use the Down Arrow key to get to the "Audio Settings" option.  Press Enter.  That was just a way to get into the overall Zoom settings menu.  Now, use the Tab key to move through the Audio settings, until you get to the last one (Sync buttons), then press Tab once more and you should hear NVDA say "List audio selected".  Now use the Down Arrow key to get to Accessibility settings.  Press Enter.  Press Tab to move through the Accessibility settings, until you hear the option "Always show meeting controls".  If you enable this option, you shouldn't lose focus of the Zoom controls, as long as you have focus in the Zoom application, and using Control+Alt+Shift will always get you back there.


Also, have you seen the Zoom keyboard shortcuts?  That page should automatically open to the section for Windows shortcuts (it will take a few seconds to that, after the page loads).


Hope this was helpful.





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Hello. Does anyone here know how to navigate the Zoom interface with NVDA when in the meeting? I always seem to loose focus with NVDA and I can't navigate at time's with the tab key. In fact, other screen reader's I use are having the same issue. Could there be an addon for NVDA? I have the latest version of the screen reader. 

Thank you 

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