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Sarah k Alawami

In this case it does help, however the Canada air express site which I do not have. Has a link that might not work this way. You have to hit enter on a link which will then expand to download the aircraft in question. I cannot be of any help here as I don't deal with those guys. Lol! But yeah thanks. I think I can grow some of the hair I have ben pulling out back, and i can finally get my orders and download links and stuff I need.

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On 1 Apr 2020, at 20:15, Brian Vogel wrote:


            First and foremost, thank you for posting a URL for myself and all other assistants.  I presume you mean the "Your Account" control which, by the way, is not a link, although the View Cart and Contact Us immediately next to it are both links.

            In looking at the page source for the Your Account control, it is a button, but what a mutant version of a button.  If you are using a mouse like I do, when you hover over this control the entire structure unveils itself for you to either point and click or click into text boxes like those for username and password.  Under NVDA 2019.3.1, I find that I can get to it using the quick browsing 'b' command for buttons only when the page has first loaded, and once I land on it hitting enter opens up the whole range of controls it unveils.  You can then TAB your way through all of them.  Even though there are text boxes, buttons, and links as part of that control, they must be TABBED through.  If I try using any of the usual single letter quick browsing commands I am instantly thrown back into the main body of the page itself and out of the "Your Account" control entirely.

             If I want to go back to that control, or even get to it in the first place, I find it far easier to use the browser search for "Your Account," hitting Escape to close the browser search once it's found, then NVDA has focus on the control and you can hit enter and start tabbing.

             I am using the latest version of Edge Dev (meaning I literally did the latest update after I'd opened that page, causing Edge Dev to restart).  It should work similarly under any Chromium-based browser, and probably Firefox and other non-Chromium-based browsers, too.

             Give this a whirl and let me know how it works for you.


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